Teach & Learn Japan International Community - Rent-Meee.com
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This group promotes the exchange of information in the Tokyo area. We welcome Japanese and non-Japanese speakers.

Rent-Meee is a platform service to connect people who have skills with people who want to learn skills/hobbies. We call them Rent mes and Renters.

Rent Mes
For anyone in Tokyo who is looking to get more gigs and works on a freelance or loose schedule to allow new work. Great for students in Tokyo too! We will try to create an environment where non-Japanese speaking people in Japan will have a place to learn what opportunities are available to them.

People who want to learn a skill or language.

Our events are either casual opportunities to talk to people. These are either free or at a low price.
Our group lessons are where you can benefit from one of our Rent Me's knowledge at a good rate.